Dragons, fairies, and unicorn horns. Apparel for your horse.



Hand crafted masks to turn your horse into the creature of your dreams, unicorns, dragons, knights chargers, or ??? Custom made to your taste and color choices. Have a favorite character from cinema or art? Send pictures and I can do my best to recreate. Match a mask to your show outfit for a spectacular freestyle costume. Make your child’s dreams come to life when you present them their own unicorn as a birthday present. Want to include your favorite horse in your wedding? Why not ride a unicorn in your special colors.

Durable and easy to clean these masks can be used for nearly any horsey activity. Made of light weight foam with sturdy nylon straps they only look to be made of fairy dust. While care should be taken not to allow the horse to rub while wearing one, with proper care they stand up nicely to regular use. Velcro fastenings hold the  straps gently around bridles or halters not requiring any modification of existing tack. Sweat can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Not recommended for extended use especially on hot days. The comfort of the horses should always be the first priority and surely that would itch after so long 😉

As with any new piece of equipment a mask should be introduced to the horse with care. Time should be given for the horse to look at and get used to anything we place on them and these are no different. Allow them to walk around wearing them before mounting. I have taken care to be sure they fit comfortably and without interfering with eyesight but all horses are different and need to get used to unfamiliar things.

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