Rusty Radiance

Rusty Radiance
Chestnut 14.2 hh
State Line Gold Radiance Dogwoods Golden Chief Calafornio
Funquest Ruby
Bridlewood Ben Donna High Meadows Superb
Bridlewood Boquet
Baptiste Golden Shirlivy Baptiste Jay Cheyadow Baptiste Chey Tre Pal
Baptiste Shadow Tigerlilly
DM Shelby Anna Springtown Sundance
DM Correl Little Cacey
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The original Facebook posting:

URGENT!!!!!!! …Foster home needed immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t pull him unless he has a place to go with people who understand he needs training. This horse has ONLY TODAY. If we are going to pull him we need s place NOW. “Rusty” 3 year old reg. Morgan gelding… He is in Washington State. $375.00
Rusty needs someone experienced in handling a young horse who has limited manners. He has a habit of running over people, and showing no understanding of personal human space. That said, he is young, and young horses can be pushy if not taught to understand these things. We are recommending him only for someone who feels comfortable with a horse that needs this sort of training. We are looking for a foster who is willing and ready to help Rusty with his manners which is an important step in his finding a forever home. PLEASE consider helping him – and, again, he has only today. This is a dire situation.