Good Video For Once

Our ball was completely destroyed.  My always obliging husband was going to try to put more air in it for me but we found the large hole before we even tried. I grabbed another old slightly flat ball to try. It was too flat and wouldn’t roll around for him to chase. We used it anyway and it helped him get going then he was off and traveling pretty good on his own.

It was a nice ride, that’s all there is to say. He tosses his head up and back searching desperately for a cookie. It will fade with time and isn’t that big of a fault in the whole scheme of things. He walked pretty good, you can see in the video where I clicked him a few times after just getting a couple of good, willing, forward steps. He turns pretty well off his hind quarters, was yielding his hindquarters and giving to leg pressure. All that wet spaghetti noddleness is turning into beautiful suppleness as we achieve forward.

I’ve ridden and taken riding lessons my whole life and it feels like I have just discovered, first with Nev and now with Rusty, what people mean when they talk about the importance of forward. I remember discovering that instead of pulling him back onto his hindquarters Nev would spin so much better if I pushed him forward into the turn. Now I am experiencing it all  over again with Rusty and the Noodle thing. Hopefully I have learned enough to do a decent job this time around. I think I say that with every horse of mine that I start, with other people horses they were never around long enough, though still great learning experiences and it still applies. If only I had known when I started Coyote, Jerry, even Nev who I felt like I learned so much on, now I can take that and this new fangled clicker training stuff and think of the fun training Rusty is going to be. Hopefully. Then the with the next horse I start I’ll be thinking the same thing about Rusty, If only I had known.

I shouldn’t put all the videos here, there’s a lot but whatever it’s my blog I’ll do what I want 😉











One thought on “Good Video For Once

  1. TElllingson

    He looks really good! Amazing that he is going forward so well. He really is beautiful. I watched all the videos twice,and some more. Wish I knew how to go forward into a spin instead of back into it.

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