OK,So I’m An Idiot

I wasn’t going to get on. I really wasn’t. I brought him up to work on the mat training thing and bowing. But, the best laid plans…



But all’s well that ends well. I didn’t die and I know what were going to do next time I ride him “for real”. There are few things scarier to me than when a horses head drops to the ground. Can you see me cowering when he reaches down? Grazing while riding terrifies me 😉 Most of the times I’ve come off a horse it’s been over their shoulders.

We also took some time to work on his bow. It didn’t go well. He was crazed, more so than usual even. The wind was blowing, a little storm was coming in. I was going to leave the one video out but I’m always saying that he is a little rotten without giving exact examples. Well here is a good one. I thought maybe it was my imagination, that he was just after a fly but on watching it I see that he really was thinking about kicking. I don’t know what brought that on, if anyone notices a trigger that I’m missing please let me know.



It’s HOT out today around a hundred. I want to go work him but HOT. I’m trying to think how I could make us a puddle to play in, wish we had a cheap little kiddie pool. Could work on getting him used to the hose. Off to try something anyway.

Speaking of hot, please excuse the pants! I was wearing my capris, kicked off my sandals and put boots on with them 🙂

2 thoughts on “OK,So I’m An Idiot

  1. TElllingson

    I can\’t figure out what was going on . He could have kicked you if he wanted. What ever he was doing he should not have presented you with his hind quarters. Oh well, he is young and smart, and a horse. Hope you can put out of your head and go on or it will start making you crazy! Should you be on him bareback at this point? Please be careful, don\’t get hurt!!

    1. Neversummer Post author

      Not too worried about it, just a reminder not to relax completely around him. And no, probably shouldn\’t be on him bareback 😉 The theory is that you just slide off easy without a saddle right. I think we\’ve both proved that one wrong but I\’m still going with it and he\’s never done anything \”really\” wrong.

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