Good Ponies

See that black dot over the cornfield as we look across my daughters horses neck? It’s hard to see, I was busy at a time when I could have gotten better pictures. It was farther away in this picture. Can you tell what it is?

It is an airplane.

A crop duster to be exact. This one, and this is what he looked like as he flew towards us as we were out for our ride. Maybe a little higher…

He was not spraying these fields at the time. Fortunately. He was just headed past. Headed past, flying low, directly over our heads as we were out for a nice morning ride. Alerted to his approach by the low rumble of his engine, we watched him come, as he went forward the high winds were blowing him sideways. I wondered if he was high enough to clear the power lines. I wondered if we should run.

Running seemed pointless, we couldn’t get far enough away in time to make a difference. The horses weren’t worried yet and if we told them they should be they might change their minds. I must admit that getting off never occurred to me, so we stood and watched. The horses were more interested in grass and he went over our heads without them paying any attention. After he was past and I realized everybody was going to live it occurred to me that I should hurry and get a picture. it was too late by then to get a good one and thus we have Princess Onna with a little black dot over her head in the distance but we know that black dot is the little yellow crop duster and our horses are not afraid of it!

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