Follow The Leader

Tanna came to see us! She’s off to college now and we were thrilled when she came to see us on her limited time home. Coyote has been off since he came up lame, but he’s not limping. We grabbed Rusty and Onna and rode around the yard.

Then I decided to try Coyote. It would just be a short ride, my daughter wanted to ride her horse and I’m not willing to put anyone else on Rusty yet. It was perfect. Tanna has a great seat and had no problem riding Coyote bareback. Onna’s little girl was happy to have her horse back and to ride with Tanna. I got to put more time on Rusty. I wish we could do this all the time.

The “barrels”, empty lick tubs, were set up in the driveway still and we decided to play with them. An enthusiastic game of follow the leader was begun. First it was my daughter and Tanna, and the goat, Baa, and Rusty. After I got done videoing I got back on Rusty and joined in. We took turns being the leader and were declared disqualified by little miss queen of the world if we didn’t trot to the finish. Aside from helping her to remember the pattern and practice steering it was a great way to work on Rusty. We also practiced steering. We worked on being in front, in the middle and behind. And trotting to the finish was the perfect time to work on whoa.

We were so glad to see Tanna and had fun training all of us while she was here.


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