Christmas Isn’t Over Yet!

I got a package in the mail today! Two of them actually. One was a new bit for Rusty, that was pretty exciting. But the other was even better. It was from Australia. In and of itself that is pretty cool. I never get anything from overseas. My husband does, computer stuff from England and China, but not me. It had papers from customs and our address included that it was in the US.

I took my time opening it, getting pictures all the way. Inside the tough outer wrapping was a large, flat, carefully, and prettily, wrapped package. I gave up on not tearing it and ripped my way inside. Knowing what was coming didn’t make the excitement any less. I had expected a painting. And it was there, in my favorite colors! Along with it were pictures of the artists and a lovely card. I immediately found a place for the painting to set in the house. It looks lovely but made me realize how badly I need to dust.

But why am I talking about my beautiful new painting here on a horse site?

Because the artist is a paint gelding named Monty, he gets help from his person but he does the work. A good friend of mine taught her horse to paint. They have been doing a wonderful job of it. He knows many other tricks too, kiss, hug, and bow, but this is a fun one that gets to be shared with friends! Here’s to a very talented pair. Thank you so much for my Christmas present!!!

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