I talk about Rusty all the time. This is his page after all. But I think my good old Coyote (Rustc V’s Raisin Cain) deserves more mention than he gets. Coyote is such a good rotten little pony. He’s taught me more than all other horses combined. I may have, mostly, started him but he trained me up the way he wanted me also.
I greatly regret that I didn’t know enough to do right by him way back when. I let some idiot cowboy do some riding on him and he broke things. Coyote is still scared of ropes, he will let me do some roping off him dispite that. He knows his cows and is tough as nails. He is light, responsive, and a heck of a horse. Despite me.
He was out grazing in the yard today. When it was time to bring him in I walked clear out to the other side of the yard with a pocketful of cookies. He came when called and lined up to the feed bunk for me to get on. The video got a little lengthy so I cut it down a little, sped some parts up a bit. I love his beautiful flaxen mane, he is the reason sorrel and flaxen is my favorite color of horse.

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