April Blizzard

The horses got locked in the barn. I left them out all winter through 20 below temps and snow. It was the same way last year. They were toasty warm until “spring” arrived and they shed most of their winter coats. Last night it rained all night at just above freezing. We knew it was coming. I went out yesterday and, along with all the other preparations, pitched piles of hay into the barn so I wouldn’t have to do it in the snow. I hoped that if everything was ready they wouldn’t need it. Didn’t work this time.
When I went out to check on them they were shivering. They ran behind me as I led them to the barn. Coyote dove in the door with Rusty not far behind. I locked them on one side then went back to coax Onna through the door. Fortunately there was a halter left hanging in the barn from who knows when or why. I used the lead rope to loop around her neck and lead her in. She was not happy about it but I couldn’t leave the gate open. There is so much stuff piled in the door for them to get into. I locked her in and like to think she appreciated it in the end.
The snow stopped sometime in the night. The morning dawned clear and cold. The wind is still blowing. The roads are drifted shut. I walked out to find Coyote happily looking out the top half of a door I left open. Other than Onna, they didn’t really want out and stood in the door asking for cookies.
The guys are out digging their way in to feed the cows. The sun is blinding on the fresh snow mocking and taunting us after the fierce, blinding, force it came down with yesterday.

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