Unaccomplished Goals

I got it! Today I accomplished the last weird way of mounting that I could think of. To celebrate here are two of the, many, really cool ways to get on that I am not capable of. These people do such a wonderful job with their horses and supply so much motivation and so many goals to work towards.


(Inspiration) Neck mount (not for everyone or every horse)

The Neck Mount – this was something I saw at a Parelli Event some 15 years ago and thought WOW! It is indeed a lot of fun, sometimes Mia can be so enthusiastic she can put me a metre up in the air or land me on the oher side on my feet :-DJust like everything I show it has a few isolations and needs to be practiced perfectly in order to not injure the horse.Therefore it comes with a WARNING LABEL:As mentioned not for everyone or every horseI weigh 51 kg, Mia's neck and head weigh probably triple that Notice I correct the balance firstI mount high up on the neck on the lifting muscle (trapezius)I land not on the center of the back Ask a profesional to help you who can actually do this themself and not just because you assume they know how to, or they tell you they know how………I know very few ;-)My advice is simply that if you do want to learn it, do it just for fun and not as a daily tool ♥♥♥

Posted by ZOE'S HORSE BYTES on Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Bareback Lift

Just wanted to share a video of a new trick I taught my TWH mare, Bella. She is wearing padded boots in the front to protect her legs. Excuse the wobbly camera, my 9 year old daughter was filming this and holding her pony at the same time.Disclaimer: I want to add that this really should not be done long term. I did this to see if I could do it not to perform over and over. If you notice in the video I have padded boots on her front legs and hooves to prevent rolling a tendon under my boot. Also, if you see when she gives me a lift she twists her knee out a little to give me that boost. Again, fine once in a while but that movement could possibly be bad if done alot. Thanks everyone for your support! Bella and I never thought it would get this reaction <3

Posted by Yvonne Lucius on Monday, July 28, 2014



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