Bridling Behind 1

Here is another bridling method we have been working on. Eventually the hope is that he’ll come up behind me, stand on the bridge and put his head down in my lap to take his bridle. It is a little easier than having him fetch his bridle and bring it to me. There are lots of little pieces to improve upon and string together. First he needs to be very good with his mat training so he will stay until called. Here we are working on staying for longer periods and while I walk away. Then he needs to come when called.
In these videos he’s wearing a halter and lead rope. We don’t usually wear them when working but the fresh spring grass is more than he can handle. Standing around eating, something besides grass, is his job, when it’s time to work he needs to pat attention. This way I can remind him that it’s me time not grass time if I need to. I don’t like having the halter on him, I notice a strong tendency to grab it even though he does just fine without it the rest of the time. It is there though so I reach for it. It’s a hard habit to break. I am looking forward to summer and the grass drying down, turning brown, for this one purpose at least.


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