Finally, Pictures!

Ok, time for every drop of information I have on these two. There’s not much. Last fall a skinny little Morgan stud was run through Stanley Brothers in Louisiana. Once Forever Morgans stepped up for him, they started producing more horses that were by him. Didn’t Forever Morgans want to take them too???


The first two, Bert and Ernie, I don’t know what happened with them or if they had papers or found DNA matches. I guess they found homes right away? I found the post, finally, they were both registered. There was also a mare who did not get a DNA match.

❤️❤️SOLD & SAFE❤️❤️Thank you, Forever Morgans!!!!Tags 3139/3156 – Bay Morgan Geldings – $1700 Bert (3156) 12 yr old and Ernie (3139) 13 yr old purebred Morgan geldings. They are out of a registered Morgan stallion and purebred Morgan mares however they will not have papers on them. They each stands approx 15 hh and are said to be broke to work and ride and totally traffic broke. They appear sound and sane and easy to handle and be around. Would like to sell and keep together since they are brothers and have been together their whole lives. Tag 3156 is the bay with the socks on the back feet. Ship Date: Monday, September 11th at 10:00 a.m. CSTLocated in Arkadelphia, Arkansas Contact Katrina via text at (870) 703-9996PayPal payments to stanleybroshorseco@gmail.comPlease use the goods and services option for the payment and note your contact info and the tag number you're paying for in the comments section. Please send confirmation to the page so as the status on the tag paid for can be updated as sold and safe. These horses, mules, ponies, and donkeys are sold as is with no guarantees. They are sold as kill pen owned equine and not performance equine. Lot is not responsible for accidents, sickness, or deaths of any equine!

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Then they dug two more out of the wood work. These two didn’t come with papers and AMHA was not able to find DNA matches for them.  Then the feedlot added lots of charges, and difficulties, and were the reason Forever Morgans said they would no longer be doing any business at all with Stanley Brothers. I don’t blame them at all. But that left them with Harvey and Amarillo.

STILL WAITING! Isn't there someone out there to take him into their home and heart, even as a foster? FOSTER OR…

Posted by Forever Morgans on Saturday, November 11, 2017


I should add somewhere here that we are so lucky to have a breed registry that takes DNA samples at registration and is willing to search and help owners identify horses that have been separated from their papers. Other, much larger, breed registries will not even begin to look. I won’t mention names 😉


Amarillo, I can’t find anywhere and don’t remember seeing him before he was listed on the available horses page.  While there is no doubt that Harvey is very Morgan like, with Amarillo it’s hard to say. He and Harvey are so much alike in coloring and, sometimes, looks, their ears and thick full forelocks, that sometimes I have to wonder if the story from the feedlot is true. Maybe they are related. Maybe they are both by the beautiful Tolder. But, Amarillo is big, thick, and sturdy. A complete opposite to the tiny, delicate, fairy like Harvey. He is solid and unconcerned about much of anything. I have hopes that he will work for the children to ride. The lady who has been boarding him says she and her vet guess him to be in his early twenties.

Harvey is much smaller than his pictures make him look. Not a pony, but very refined and elegant. His head is stunning, huge wide-set eyes, long thick forelock, long gracefully arched neck. In his pictures he’s a dark bay. In person I almost can’t tell him and Amarillo apart! They are almost exactly the same color, another reason I wonder if they couldn’t be related. Even if other aspects and ages say differently. For him the age guess was seven or eight.

I have not looked closely at either of them. Other than standing quietly and getting them to eat from my hand I am letting them be. No starting clicker training over the fence does not count as bothering them, it goes with hand feeding them. 😉 Nothing like trying to catch them and look at teeth and bug them.

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  1. TEllingson

    I looked back through all the FM posts but never found Amarillo either. Really never found Harveys intake pics. But really doesn’t make sense that he would be any thing to do with Tolder as he seems to come from Amish and it would be quite a coincidence for him to show up at the same time.

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