Working Double

While Tanna was working with Amarillo, Armadillo in my head while I’m trying to write it differently 😉 , I was playing with Harvey. I didn’t remember him being quite this worried about it all. Maybe having Amarillo there at the same time upped his nervousness. We spent almost the whole time working on standing calmly.
Amarillo learned to kick the ball, got blanketed and saddled, and we stood quietly. I felt like nothing was being accomplished but really it’s a big thing. Running a horse until they stand still only gives them more energy for next time. Rewarding stillness and calm builds a happy place for them, teaches them that training is just alright, no need to be all up and worried.
I also worked a little on getting him to let me stand next to him, by his back. He was quicker to let me on his left side than his right. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be riding a horse but unable to stand on it’s right side. This whole left side tradition gets to the point of complete ridiculousness sometimes. I let him circle and circle then, in a combination of + and -R I stopped offered him a release and a treat. I am quite happy mixing my quadrants.
It was a good work session. It was fun to watch Tanna and Amarillo while they worked and to get them both used to working with another horse. My favorite part though was long after we finished working and they were out to pasture. I put Coyote away after his daily yard grazing and Harvey came running over to say hi. He and Coyote both got a treat and I walked back to the house. Coyote left to the other horses. Harvey came galloping down the fence after me calling. I stopped and clicked him just for wanting to visit. Then I taught him to target his forehead to my hand. I held it up and clicked when his forelock brushed my palm. Then as he began to place his head firmly against my hand. But then, alas, I was out of treats. I held my hands up and told him all done. He followed me down the fence awhile longer calling. I can’t wait to get to work with him again.


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