Harvey, 3rd Go. 2nd Video

In our second video from the same work session as the last one we worked on mat training and standing quietly. Good manners in other words. I am making an extra effort on these two, because they are not mine, to make sure they are well behaved. I don’t mind mine a little rotten.
I am not being as adamant as I probably should be about both his front feet being on the mat. I’m accepting a foot or even just standing quietly. There has been lots of discussion lately about teaching it as a default behavior and I think it will be a goal here for me.
Harvey is leading wonderfully. He glues himself to my right shoulder and stays there. Most of the time. I’m not taking credit for teaching him to lead, it seems to be one of the things he came with. I will take credit for helping him want to do so when loose though.


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