Harvey 9th go, and Burdock!!

I brought Rusty in and played with him a little and Harvey came galloping up to the gate wickering hopefully to be worked too. I didn’t bring him out right away but I did work with him on a little something we’re doing in between, while Rusty chewed. Then I put Rusty away and let Harvey out!
He and, well, all of them have found some burdock out there somewhere. Their forelocks are awful. I’m embarrassed to show this video. On the other hand the whole point of what we were working on in this video was to get the burrs out so…
I let him loose to graze a little while I went back to the house for supplies. I’ve been hesitant to turn him loose out of the corral because when he came he was unable to be caught without food and leery of people. I think we’ve fixed that. He was so cute coming nicely when called, such a good boy.
The lead rope around his butt was an accident the first time. It was draped over his back and I picked up the end. Being in the proper position anyway I couldn’t resist trying. I was curious if he’d spook when it went under his tail. He was supremely unbothered by the whole thing.
Then it was time to work on his forelock 😖 He was not thrilled to say the least. I got big chunks out but he kept pulling his head away. Then I remembered something we had worked on once, a month ago at least. I was surprised and so very pleased when I held my hand out and he placed his forehead under it. The burrs still aren’t completely out. There are fewer though and he is happily letting me touch his forehead. Such a good pony.


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