Harvey 10th Go, First Saddle

This is the first time I’ve put a saddle on Harvey. As I’ve said, and guess I will keep saying with each video, we have no idea what has been done to or with him before. There is supposedly a video out there somewhere from the kill pen with someone riding him. To me that is all the more reason to start him from scratch.
The whole saddling part of the video was about ten minutes long. I wanted to leave all the parts where we just stood and hung out until he was comfortable and wanted more food. He would tell me to “stop standing there and get to it. I want cookies!” So we would move on. But even playing in fast forward leaving everything in only cut it down to five minutes so I only kept the pertinent parts.
In the beginning he wouldn’t let anyone get on his right side. Now he is fine with being saddled from the right. This is only his tenth time of being officially messed with. He gets a cookie when he comes up to visit and sees us walking and driving past all the time but since they got here, whenever that was, this is the tenth time I’ve messed with him. It’s amazing how well the lessons stick when its all fun and games.

The video is too long to load here. Instead here’s a link to the facebook page. Hope it works!  https://www.facebook.com/309985332692651/videos/1820217688083388/


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