Harvey 10th Go, Yielding To The Rein

Almost done with the videos from this particular time. When I went to put a foot in the stirrup it occurred to me that he should probably know how to give his head to rein pressure first. It’s too easy for them to spook and kick your legs out from under you. If they are looking at you it makes that a little harder for them to do. I didn’t have any reason to think that it would bother him, the reason I was going to start on it in the first place, but better safe than sorry.
I started a little Quarab mare once for my riding instructor, an own daughter of Smart Little Lena I think she was? A very athletic and slightly crazy little mare who could kick the saddle out of your hand as you placed it on her back. After that I no longer think anything is impossible when starting horses and go a little overboard with safety precautions.
She is one of the many horse that I wish I could go back and have a do over with. At the time I had tried “everything”. Now I know how much I didn’t know. My everything was just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait for another twenty years to pass and to look back and see how very much I don’t know right now. It’s awe inspiring to think how much there always is to learn.


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