At Liberty

Harvey had his first out of the corral, completely at liberty lesson today! Of course there is no video. It was another of those unintended lessons that seem to fall into place once in awhile. I had put Coyote away after a dress up photo taking ride, and Rusty after he decided to stop his grazing to join our dress up picture taking ride. Sometimes I’m not quite so fond of that horse 😉 It was Harvey’s turn to go eat grass.
I was still holding my treat bag and was reminded of his not so stellar leading from the day before. I still need to get that part written about. His nose was glued to my shoulder just where I like it. So I clicked. We ended up going for a walk around the stacks of hay that he found to be dreadfully disturbing yesterday. He would get in front of me and start to cross my path, blocking me with his body. I would turn and go the other way. A perverse version of Parrellie’s “Hide Your Hiney” game. Instead of a whack on the butt he got a cookie when he caught up with me and put himself back in position.
He is starting to get it figured out. I don’t care what side they walk on as long as they aren’t directly behind me and don’t pass. He picked it up so quick and easy. He’s such a good boy. Getting him to go graze instead of following me so I could go finish putting stuff away was a little more difficult 😏

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