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This is Harvey. Harvey is a foster horse for Forever Morgans. He stands around 15hh and is somewhere around 10 years old, thought to be a former Amish driving horse. He was shod for driving when pulled from the feed lot so he is believed to drive. I don’t know how and haven’t had time to play with it and see for sure. He is currently in western NE
Since he has been with me he has spent a large part of his time hanging out in the pasture being a horse. We have been working though when the chance arises. Harvey was scared of people, didn’t like to be touched, and wouldn’t let us on his right side when he got here. We have been starting over from scratch as though he didn’t already know anything to make sure he was safe and comfortable with all aspects of riding before we try to ride him.
He happily lines himself up to a fence or mounting block for easier mounting. I have sat on him, with and without a saddle, and he is fine with that. We’ve been working on giving to the rein, not so much bit yet, he isn’t fond of them, and yielding to leg pressure. He is ready to start riding when the weather and time cooperate.
In the meantime, Harvey has been learning some tricks! He is incredible smart and so very willing. We spend most of our time working at liberty and he picks up the tricks in no time. In just over a week he is showing a gorgeous Spanish walk. In one day he got the basics of a simple bow. He will stand on small pedestal. That could easily enough transfer to a much bigger pedestal or a bridge. He likes to play with a ball. It doesn’t bother him at all as it bounces around underneath him and off his legs. He has been exposed to cows, and dogs under foot and is unbothered by them.
Harvey has had sever pin firing to his hind legs and is of a beautiful delicate build. He would probably be best suited to a light rider. He shows NO sign of lameness at the moment but better safe than sorry.
We are currently training using positive reinforcement and clicker training. That is why he is eating all the way through the video, there is lots more feed involved in the beginning, learning stages of training. He responds beautifully to this type of training and I would be more than happy to help anyone interested in him get started with this type of training. That said he would do well with any type of training that is kind and takes his very intelligent sensitivity into account.
For more info and videos of Harvey he can be seen on my page here;
To apply to adopt him please see Forever Morgans website here;
His listing, he and Amarillo, my other foster, are towards the top of the listings of horses in foster homes, here;
This is the hard part about fostering a horse. I love Harvey. He is smart, kind, loving, and drop dead gorgeous. I think all the time that we could just let him disappear, be forgotten, keep him forever. We might do just that. Especially if we start riding him and he’s as good riding as he is on the ground. I may not be able to let him go. It would be great if he could be a horse for my daughter, they are both beautiful and delicate, a good match for each other. He gives the impression that he will be energetic undersaddle and maybe a bit much for a very small child though. I have fantasies of learning to drive him. He would be beautiful hitched to a little buggy or sleigh. I want him to have the best possible life he can though. Plus there are so many others who need a little help getting to the point Harvey is now. Getting over their fear and distrust of people. Learning to behave in society so they can find homes of their own. I need to decide how I can help the most horses and help horses the most. If Harvey never finds an adoptive home I will be happy. If he goes somewhere and is well and truly loved by his people and loves them the same, I will cry, but I will be happy that way too.
Unfortunately the video is too long to fit here. To see it you’ll have to go to the face book page!

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