Coyotes eye is getting worse quite steadily. It is going to have to come out soon. There are some benefits to the slow progression of his cancer. He is becoming accustomed to not being able to see out that side bit by bit instead of all at once. The tumor covers more than half of it now and is starting to make the eye difficult to close.
I don’t know what the surgery and care afterwards will entail but we are doing all that we can to prepare in advance. Instead of waiting until he needs medicine put on it then trying to convince him to accept it, I am getting him used to assuming position and letting me mess with the eye lid. Hopefully this will make it easier for the vets to look at it and for me to doctor after the eye is removed.
It’s a hard thing to know is coming. As long as we can still have Coyote, what is one eye anyway? He will be just the same wonderful horse with only one eye that he is with two. Now I just need to get the vet called, and to keep telling myself that.

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