Girls Day Out

We had made a play date. The kids were missing their best friends. I was too. Then Tanna texted, She was home did I want to go riding? I did! But how could we fit it all into one day?!

In the end we combined the two. The kids played all morning, we had lunch, then Tanna came over and we went for a ride. Not all of us. The children stayed home with my wonderful husband. It was just Tanna, Heather and me, and our horses. It was so fun to get to see Tanna and Jerry together. I came to the rather startling realization that Jerry is almost eighteen! When did she grow up?!

Heather rode Army. I rode Rusty of course. Army is well into his twenties, Jerry is almost there. Rusty was the youngster of the bunch. As we started through the yard Jerry was leaping enthusiastically. Army was off like a shot. We weren’t sure that combination was going to work. She questioned how old he was really? As they circled to a slow down if not a complete stop. I assured her that to the best of my knowledge he was an old man. Not sure if she heard me or not. Army was gone by then.

It was a warm day so of course the wind was blowing hard. Maybe the horses were feeling the coming weather change. What ever it was they were full of it. We didn’t walk slowly through the pasture we leapt and pranced and bucked our way through the hills. Little bucks but it’s always nice to know they’re feeling good. Zippy speedy Rusty trailed the herd. We laughed and talked. Screamed over the wind, but still we managed to carry on a conversation. We made a lap around the pasture then across the corn field. Then our tired, worn out, out of shape bodies decided they couldn’t take any more. Tanna was very nice about it and was willing to humor us and call an end to the ride.

The husband and the children had survived our absence. We were pleasantly sore and tired. Tanna left us and we crashed on the couch long enough to recover. Hopefully Tanna will come back and play again. That was lots of fun. I think a girls day out to go riding could become a tradition.

I don’t have much for pictures. We couldn’t hold still and I didn’t want to drop my phone. Here are the few I have.



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