Building Up To It

The kids had drug some of my lick tubs out. When I found them they were lined up carefully with my teeter totter/board laid across the top and toy dump trucks lined up on top of that. I don’t know what they were doing but it looked like a fun game.
I wanted my board though. I took the interesting arraignment apart. But it gave me an idea.
Rusty thinks the tubs should be eaten, pawed, tossed around, but I thought maybe I could use them to help guide his feet onto the board.
With them creating a narrow path for him to follow it made him put all four feet on the board. Once I convinced him to walk between them. I didn’t think to start the video until he was already doing that. Then I added an old fence post underneath for a bit of height.
It wasn’t quite a teeter totter but were getting closer!

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