I have been playing with Hieldorf. As much as I have been with any of them, which isn’t a whole lot. Most of what we do I use for The Confidence Challenge. That has been tons of fun so far. He works perfectly to demonstrate how a horse who has never done it reacts when introduced to positive reinforcement. Plus he’s a beautiful model.

It warmed up a little last week and I managed to go out and play with him again.

We’ve done enough +R that he comes running up to the front corrals when he hears anyone outside. So he was at the gate and I was able to close a gate between him and the other horses. Part of the reason I’m finding it difficult to work with a horse right now is Rusty. He is insanely jealous of me and chases any other horses away when I try to catch them. I have to catch Rusty and lock him up in order to mess with anyone else. I think I need to work on that 😉  Rusty stood outside the gate the whole time I worked with Heildorf and had a temper tantrum.

Hieldorf has been ridden. I prefer to restart all my horses from scratch though, to make sure they know the things I think they should. Hieldorf is getting the same treatment. The first thing I really really want them to know is how to step over to a gate for mounting. It makes getting on much easier but it also lets them get used to you above them before you are stuck to their backs.

As chill as Hieldorf is about most things he scatters as soon as I step up onto a fence. Here we are working a little on getting used to me above him. Trying to show him I’m not scary and wont eat him. He is totally not convinced.


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