Calves Everywhere

Poppy had her calf!
It’s another bull of course 🙄 Just because I would love to have a heifer from her all she’s ever had are bulls.
There have been four or five calves a day since the storm. Our heifer that I have been so worried about had her calf. She didn’t grow out as big as we had hoped and I was afraid she’d have trouble having it. She didn’t! And is doing a great time as a first time mom. We are very happy that they all waited. Good timing.
We’re all tired and sore after spending the last few days tromping through deep mud and snow. The weather is turning warm. The snow is melting fast. We have lots of standing, or running, water. No major flooding though. I got out and played with the horses a little. Rode Smoke! For the first time since he got here. I played with Hieldorf. It’s about time to start riding that horse too!
Things are getting back to normal.


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