Calm and Confidence

I can’t be the only one who loves those long solitary training sessions with their horse?
Without interruptions we can focus on exactly what we a re doing. We talk to each other clearly with perfect understanding.
This wasn’t one of those.
As hard as this type of training session can be, on me and Rusty, they are so important.
While we get more done with just the two of us, in silence, it conditions us to work under those perfect conditions. How often is life not perfect?
By letting training sessions be unruly, loud, confused, and difficult it helps us get ready for those times when life is unruly, loud, confusing, and difficult . How much better to be prepared, to have practiced ahead of time, than to be caught completely off guard when the emergency happens? How much better to be used to noise and commotion when you have to go to the vet or when you decide to go to town, on a trail ride, to visit friends, than to get there and have your horse not be able to handle it?
Fear and difficulty is best faced before it is needed. In order for our horses to get used to scary things we should let them be part of our normal training protocol. Instead of blocking out the world so our horses can learn better we need to invite it in and make sure our horses can learn despite the world continuing to go on around us.
Embrace the commotion!
I still prefer the quiet 😉 This is good for us though.
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