Hide And Seek

I was lucky enough to have company come play with me and Rusty yesterday!

She even asked if we could play Hide and Seek! Usually I try to convince them to play and they refuse. In the past we’ve worked on teaching Harvey to find her and Rusty to find her brother. Rusty caught on quick to the new target though and went right to finding her.
Rusty is being lead in the way I prefer to use my halter and lead rope. With the halter over my shoulder and the lead rope laying over his neck. This is so much easier for both of us, I have the ability to offer some guidance and he isn’t getting his face pulled on.
Our goal is for him to find whichever small child when asked, by scent or sight. It would be fun to add a lot more difficulty, having to search the entire yard or have them hidden out of sight. That is going to take quite a bit more work though.

For no we tried quite a few different hiding places and would have tried more but my helper got tired of the game. Maybe I’ll be able to get her to come play with me more, there’s a lot of fun things we could do with this game!


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