Halloween Horrors

It’s almost Halloween 🎃
There are so many scary stories involving horse training, I thought it would be fun to share some of them. Like horsey Halloween ghost stories.
👻 Welcome to Halloween Horrors! 👻
My horse came to me with perfect manners.I loved him so much I wanted to make him happy. I gave him cookies and carrots every chance I got. He started to come running every time he saw me. I knew he loved me too.
Then he started shoving me with his nose and searching me for treats. Of course I gave them to him when he asked. What else could I do? I wanted him to keep loving me. The more I gave him the treats he demanded to more insistent he got.
The last time I didn’t get the treat out fast enough and he bit me! 😱
I am never going to hand feed a horse again. Obviously it was hand feeding that caused the biting. Horses should never be fed by hand. Training by feeding treats is an awful idea. Can’t people see what it does?
Food is an inanimate object. Objects don’t train horses. People train horses.
It does happen that way often enough. Teaching horses to bite by feeding them is only too common an occurrence. It should be remembered though that it is people teaching horses to bite by feeding them. Not hand feeding itself that teaching horses to bite.
Horses need to be taught treat manners just like they are taught to accept a rider. Without that training we can be bitten just like we can be bucked off.
Don’t be sucked into the horror story.
Teach treat manners.

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