Out To Pasture

Ghost, Poppy, Baa, and Violet rubbed a panel open in their pen last week. I got a phone call that some cows and a goat had run past the in laws house and went out to see what they were up to.
They were standing across the electric fence from the other cattle looking that way longingly.
Life is crazy right now. I didn’t know what was going to be going on. It was unlikely I would be able to work with Ghost any tie soon. Violet is getting some size on her.
I opened the gate and let them in to the corn stalks.
Today was the first day I had been out there since I set them free to resume a feral life. I had seen Ghost off in the distance a few times but never visited with her.
She came running to me as I stood between her and the hay we had just rolled out. I didn’t have any cookies but I could offer her lots of scratches. Once when I paused too long between scratches she hopefully offered a spin.
Of course I hurried to get back to scratching. It’s good to see her still so eager to work when she’s back out with the herd.
Poppy did not come visit and Baa only stopped long enough to see that I didn’t have any treats.

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