Helping Hand

You all know Ghost. My sweet little white heifer.

She is back out in the corn stalks with the rest of the herd now living a feral life.

Why bother to train a cow? I have horses why would I want to ride anything else? What is the point?

Today she showed, once again, the advantage of having a trained cow in the herd.

My father in law fed the cows in a different¬† field today from where he had been feeding. We’ve all seen the set up. A fence line with the gate way back behind and animals on both sides of it. The yummy food is on one side. Some of the animals are stuck in the corner on the other side. They¬† could easily get to the food but they would have to turn and walk away from it back to the gate then around.

Animals can’t usually figure that out. They all stood there staring forlornly at the few head that had been in the right place at the right tie and were being fed.

After taking the et wrap off the bales I went and chased the cattle away from the corner towards the gate. They went easily enough but then stood at the place they had been being fed. Waiting for the hay bale that usually magically appears there.

I climbed over the fence and called Ghost. Her white coat glowed among the solid black herd. She was easy to spot.

It took her a minute. She stood looking at me through the gate. As much a creature of habit as the rest of them. Then, she came.

At a walk at first then trotting happily, she made her way to me. One cow then two followed her. Finally the whole herd streamed through the gate. I had grabbed a handful of cake to shove inn my pocket this morning. Some sort of premonition apparently. I never bring cake. She ate it happily as we walked together back towards the hay and where I had left the fourwheeler idling.

Leader of the pack

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