Who can find a woman of worth? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

I did like this particular version for this purpose.

A good woman or a good mare. I don’t think it’s wrong to think this applies to both.

We brought Lady in. My daughter is getting better all the time at haltering by herself. They were using the pickup as a hitching post while she brushed Lady and played with her.

My son was bouncing and climbing about as usual. Climbing the bumper of his fathers vehicle. He didn’t seem to be causing an damage so I let him go.

Until I heard a thud. Looking over Lady’s back I didn’t see him anymore.  Lady hadn’t so much as flinched. I walked around behind her and there on the ground lay my son. He had let go and crashed down right next to her. He hadn’t been close or in a position that was at all dangerous. Until he fell. His head had  landed much closer to her hind legs than I was comfortable with.

She had never blinked. Never even started. Just stood perfectly still.

I picked him up. Hugged away his tears. Offered to get his helmet and let him sit on her.

He accepted. Tough kid.

Once on Lady’s back his sister untied her and lead her brother off. They went exploring around the yard. My daughter leading using the proper form we’ve been working on for 4H. My son sitting happily. No desire for reins or the slightest control.  In between their laps around the yard they came to play with me where I was working with Harvey. Lady walked under the curtain without hesitating. This hot little Arab mare.

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