Single Center Whorl

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The single center whorl is the most misunderstood whorl there is.

Most people look at the single whorl and expect to find a dependable, trustworthy horse, uncomplicated and the thing to look for in a horse.

And that is true. Sometimes. Maybe even most of the time.

The whorl only gives us a small piece of the picture though. Especially when it is a whorl that tells us almost nothing. When the whorl is a single center we have to look at the head shape to get any idea of temperament.

When the single center whorl is on a head with a straight profile, large jowls, and wide set ears, then yes, the horse will be everything we expect from a single center whorl.

Sometimes I will talk to people who can’t figure out why their horse with a single center whorl isn’t fitting the expectations. When I see a picture of the horse from the side there are large bumps between the eyes, deeply dished profile, or some other extreme that throws the idea of a single center whorl being quiet and dependable out the window.

While it is good to look for a single center whorl if you are looking for an uncomplicated horse it isn’t the only thing to look for. All parts of the horse need to be taken into consideration.

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