New Whorls? for the whorl page

Whorl develop in the womb as the horse develops. We know that and we know that this is why we can use them to tell us about the inside of the horse, or any other creature with hair. The skin and hair follicles are made right alongside the brain and muscle.

Animals are born with the whorls that they will have.

Or are they?

This dog is an anomaly in so many ways. Apparently he didn’t feel the need to follow the rules in this anymore than he has in the rest of his life. Diagnosed with a bone tumor at eleven he was given no chance of survival, due to his age there was no likelihood of treatment succeeding.

Told to take him home and make him comfortable his people did exactly that. Due to that love and care he is still going strong.

The other thing that he is doing is developing a whorl!

Directly over the location of the bone tumor a whorl has grown in the hair over the last few weeks.

Whorls aren’t supposed to be able to appear after an animal is born. It just isn’t done.

The hair is directly connected to the muscle underneath, to the body. Everything is connected, which seems obvious but is constantly being driven home to me. Why shouldn’t changes in the underlying structure cause changes in the way the hair grows?

This deserves a scientific paper written about it. All it will get is its own post. This is a very big deal. People often ask if their horses whorls could possibly be changing. I can no longer say no with confidence.

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