The Diagonal Double Whorl, Horse Whorls

This is the only high whorl that shows an introverted temperament.

This is also the hardest whorl for me to recognize. In fact it’s lack of definition and ease of recognition is one of the hallmarks of the whorl. It is usually a bit muddied with faint ghost whorls and feathering weaving between the two whorls.

It is the hardest whorl for me personally to work with. There are no bad whorls, just different ways horses need handled. This one needs handled with extreme care and sensitivity. A right brain introvert is one who will hide emotions, like any introvert they hold their feelings deep inside themselves not showing the world how they feel. Unlike a left brain introvert who will withdraw further and refuse to interact any more when overwhelmed by too much going on around them, a right brain horse will explode. When a right brain introvert reaches the point they can’t handle the stimulation any more they will bolt, or buck. Often this will come as a complete shock to people who thought their horse was ok with what was going on because they were still and quiet.

That very stillness can be a warning sign. The horse is pulling deeper and deeper into themselves trying to hide internally from the things they can’t handle.

Missing the warning signs and misreading the stillness people are often caught completely unaware then when the horse explodes.

Is this horse a diagonal double? I think so? Again, I think so in large part because I can’t tell! When I have no idea what the whorl is for sure that means it’s probably a diagonal double 😉 But also the rest of the head shows a right brain horse. Huge, worried eyes, hard and lined with lines of worry, large alert nostrils, thin skin tight to reined bones.

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