Treat Box

I got the biggest surprise in the mail yesterday!

There was a box, with my name on it. I hadn’t ordered anything. We happily tore into it anyway. With a small child’s help we ripped the box open to find….

Beautifully wrapped horse stuff.

Behind the festive paper we hand crafted horse cookies, Molasses cookies with candy corn and pumpkins on top, which my child promptly ate 🤦🏼‍♀️ and pumpkin spice flavored cookies, which haven’t been eaten by children, yet. A beautiful spiderweb tail bag. The most darling little spooking horse sticker, that I had to fight the other child for. In my refusal to let it be wasted by randomly sticking it somewhere It may have gotten lost. I wanted to put it somewhere that I’d be able to enjoy it long term, so now I can’t find it anywhere 🙁  And my favorite of all, a nylon headstall! Not just a headstall, a headstall in the perfect shades of purples, pinks and oranges printed with pumpkins! And coffees, I’m betting pumpkin spice flavored coffees.

That one isn’t in the picture because I had to run out immediately and put it on a horse! It was so perfect we decided to do some Halloween type things while he was wearing it. We put a mask on and played fetch with the severed hand.

A big thanks to my mom for gifting me with the box and to Whinney Wear for packing such a great assortment of fall flavored horse fun!

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