Bovine Enrichment

Cattle enjoy variety.
Adding a little bit of something extra to their feed can keep them entertained and add nutrients to their diets. Cattle can eat most fruits and vegetables that we eat regularly. With the exceptions of fruits with large pits such as apricots and cherries it is perfectly safe to share our treats with them.
Table scraps can be put out for cattle just like they can for chickens as long as we are careful to collect only foods that are suited to cattle. Garden left overs are wonderful to set out for cattle to sort through and enjoy. We put all the squash that is left in the garden come fall out for the cattle to enjoy. They love the seeds and will eat the flesh down the the outer skin.
Or pick up a few extra fruits while at the store next time. Kale is a cattle favorite. You can test out different fruits to see which is your cattle’s favorite. Try bananas, grapes, or kiwi to change things up a bit.

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