Chivalry, Cattle Tricks 101

Chivalry isn’t dead. It just looks a little different on the ranch.

It isn’t that farmers and ranchers aren’t romantic and sweet. They just express it in different ways. Flowers are a nice gift. A bale of hay or a new cow are better.

Going to a fancy restaurant has it’s place. Hopping in the old ranch pickup to check cows together, his hand in yours as he gives a gentle squeeze and whispers softly, “I’ll get the gate.” is the best date there could be.

Poetry is romantic, I guess. Sweet whispered words that send tingles down your spine and weaken the knees are different for different people. “No Honey, you drive the feed truck, I’ll break ice.” on a day with the wind howling and temps well below zero is the most beautiful poetry out there..

When it comes to ranch life romantic gestures take on a different form.



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