Greeting Neighbors

Ice crystals hung heavy in the air, circling the moon in a ring of light. The evening check on the cows was cold. We bundled up as best we could and took turns driving the fourwheeler so we could each have a chance to warm our fingers.

Driving through the herd in the dark it was a relief to not see anything going on.

Numb in the parts that were previously cold, it was time to head back to the house. Turning that direction we looked up to see lights in the distance. This isn’t unheard of. The highway is off that direction, only a couple of miles away. This was a single light and not traveling through. The ice in the air caused a beam of light to rise up high into the air above the ground source. A beacon in the distance.

Laughing at the singularity of it all we forgot to be cold for a moment. The location of the light had to be our friends and neighbors on the other side of the highway. They are calving too. For this moment we were together, socializing as we braved the dark and cold to check our cows.

Back inside where it was warm I texted to say hi, we saw you! We made plans to meet again the next night, same place, same time. They would look up for our light too. Together from a distance.

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