We had a beautiful last couple of days. Nothing like the eastern part of the state that has been buried in snow. I got outside as much as I could. Starting today the weather is going to be miserable for the next week or two.
Sunshine and I did a little actual work. The main part of our session was a nice long walk around the yard.
We need to get out more. He is a high strung little guy and gets worked up in new places. He wants desperately to please, just can’t quite control all those emotions yet.
The walk gave him a chance to get used to new places and things. He started out bouncing around quite a bit. After plenty of rewards each time he checked himself in a spook or came back to check in with me when he got worried, he was starting to calm down.
He reached a point where the leadrope was staying loose most of the time. Until we headed towards home. He did some trotting. We both did some circling. He got rewarded for staying at my shoulder. We ended the walk at a nice walk, with the lead loose again. And finished up with some tricks done in our very scary yard.
Just going for a walk may not seem like an in depth lesson but it is exactly what he is needing right now. Once we start getting highs above zero again we will take many more walks together.

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