And So The Adventure Begins

Where to start even? How about Oregon.

He was going to be in quarantine for a month then they would start looking for a ride out here for him.

Apparently it’s hard to find a ride east from Oregon this time of year. He came out of quarantine in November now, mid January he found a ride out here. They, the very nice lady from Forever Morgans told me he would be here Tuesday. Monday I contacted her to see what was up. The people hauling him had had a break down and he would be here the next day. Wednesday that is.

0119161228aI got a call from them Tuesday morning to say they were on the way. Then a text from Portland Oregon with a picture, just an update of where they were. I loved it. Then nothing unfortunately, I wanted hourly updates! I may never get out that far but I can travel vicariously through a horse.

They let me know that night when they stopped on the Oregon Idaho border. And I had a basic idea of their rout thanks to google maps. I can see why so few people try to make the trip. There are three main routs to the east side of the Rockies, all of the quite circuitous. Already the delivery date was pushed back to Thursday morning.

They let me know as they neared Salt Lake City and when they entered Wyoming and even sent more pictures when I asked nicely.

Wednesday night they planned to drive through but stopped for the night when the roads got to icy. The next morning they were going again, slowly, heading for Cheyenne. Google maps showed “Traffic Incidents” all up and down the interstate between Laramie and Cheyenne. They sent pictures of bad roads and trucks in the ditch.



5 thoughts on “And So The Adventure Begins

  1. Tammie Ellingson

    wow. These are some dedicated people. Cant believe they made that trip for just one horse. Did they turn right around and head back? Did you offer them a cookie? Glad they made it safely. Looking forward to more!

    1. Neversummer Post author

      As of right now? Definitely! I hope he doesn\’t go too soon I\’m having so much fun with him. Or would be, the weathers beautiful so of course we are all sick. Oh well.

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