Clicker Training?

I’m thinking about it.

I don’t have much experience, tried a little with Never but that’s been a couple years. So I dug my book out. I was in the library digging through books I haven’t looked at for awhile. I dug past my favorites, Deb Bennets Conformation Analysis, Horse Coat Color Explained and there underneath were the ones I was looking for: Clicker Training for Your Horse and Getting in TTouch, but that one is another subject altogether.

I keep reading interesting things about clicker training,¬† Bad Eventer¬† was saved from a bad wreck with one little click and Terrorized Trail Guide used it. Alright that’s only two places but it is intriguing. Hopefully we will start playing with it soon. Then again who knows, they have someone interested in him. Maybe he’ll be gone before we start to really work on anything.

In the meantime he’s settled in nicely. He comes to meet me, or us depending om how many children I am toting along, when we go out to see him, I have picked up both front feet, he really needs a trim, and worked on yielding the hind quarters and fore quarters away from pressure. He seems to be willing and mostly quiet, even when kitty twines herself around his legs. Shocked and somewhat horrified, but quiet. I can see the pushyness that was originally reported about him when he sees something interesting or simply wants to be on the other side of me. He just goes, my presence doesn’t bother him at all.

Hence starting work with teaching him to move out of my way.


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