First Real Training Session

And a revelation.

I’ve been going out to visit him in the pasture, taking treats, brushing him giving scratches and a couple of times bringing a halter and playing with him as he gets settled in and rested from his long trip. We are great friends, he’s been very sweet and well behaved.

Today I managed to make it out to see him without any children. Yay! It was the first time this week what with sickness and the usual busyness.

He came half way across their pen to meet me. Lowered his head nicely to be haltered and receive a good scratch in greeting. The other two were looking our way as we turned to head up towards the barn.  The place is laid out to run cattle, lots of lanes, pens and gates. As we got onto the lane that leads to the barn they decided to join us. They didn’t come running up behind or try to chase him. Everybody is getting along very well. They just followed at a slowly diminishing distance.

He came unglued.

His swirls say he should have another side to his personality but other than being very upset when he first got here he’s been docile and compliant. Now he was bouncing off the end of the lead rope on each side and not noticing that I was in the middle as he ran through. He did circles around me as I cussed the other two and tried to get them to scat! They looked at me blankly, dumbfounded that I wouldn’t want their help. We finally got to a gate I could close to keep them out. They stood wanting in and I attempted to regain Rusty’s brain.

With a few reminders he remembered that I had space of my own that he guessed he should maybe stay out of. We worked on lunging, mostly moving his shoulder away from me. I don’t know that he knew what I was asking but he was willing and did a pretty good circle. Gave whoa a go. He had no clue.

Then we worked on giving hindquarters and forequarters. He gives the hind great but the idea of moving out of someones space is beyond his comprehension. He drops he head very nicely when asked, for haltering and someday soon bridling I hope. He picks up his front feet great, fortunately as bad as he is needing trimmed. I picked up one hind foot today and he had no clue. He let me have it but went in circles looking at me wanting to know what I was doing.

He’s a big puppy dog who needs to learn some manners.


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