Playing With Ponies

A neighbor and friend of mine came over the other day to see Rusty. I’ve been playing with him in the round pen and put her in to work him a little. She rides very nicely just needs time and experience and practice working a youngster. So they both got worked. She worked on flexing and giving to pressure and getting him used to someone besides me. He did great, she did great and then she hopped on my old boy for a quick riding lesson. I love days like this!

He is settling in nicely, even when I don’t work him we go visit the ponies. He is always eager for a scratch. His feet are looking great after their trim, it fascinates me that they are striped. I always think I can see the exact line that marks the time he was picked up from the kill pen. He has deep grooves then they stop and smooth out perfectly in what looks like the amount of growth that could be expected since October.

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