Second Time Around

No different. Just tossed the saddle up there and he turned around and sniffed it. I left him to hang out for a few minutes with the saddle on and when I came back he ran up to me on the fence so we worked there awhile. I banged on the saddle, flopped stirrups around, rested my knee on the saddle while I petted him. He didn’t care.

Got down, played with him some more and let him go. Not much to write about, he’s doing great. A few more times of this and we’ll resume our walks, with the saddle on. No point in spending to much time on things that he’s fine with.

One thought on “Second Time Around

  1. stephanie

    I\’m happy he\’s being a good student! When do you expect to pit weight on the saddle? I know all good things in due time, but I love reading about your progress! ?

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