Clicker Training for Real This Time

20160329_103527Last time it was all theoretical. I had done a little with Nevel but that was short lived and I haven’t had an opportunity since then.

Now I am absorbed in the practice, the study and the art. Maybe not, but I am really fascinated. Every chance I have I watch videos and read up on it. This lady is my favorite. Our last training sessions have been at liberty and we are working on some really fun stuff. I would show you but for that I would have to have someone to tape it or we would have more bad videos like the last one. On the bright side the lack of a videographer has meant that we will have many more tricks/ skills to show when we finally get to.

I thought I had the starting of horses fairly well down before but this opens up all sorts of possibilities. While I always taught my own horses fun things and installed extra buttons like pawing on command (hopefully leading to spanish walk someday, hadn’t gotten there yet but Coyote learns what he wants when he wants, Smoke went back to my mom and Nevel wasn’t around near long enough. And very useful for calving even if it never got as far as a spanish walk), putting their heads down to graze, or sniff a calf or find an ear of corn, on command and stepping over to the fence for mounting. I thought I was pretty cool and they had lots of extra stuff, that was nothing. I can’t wait to see where we end up.


5 thoughts on “Clicker Training for Real This Time

  1. TElllingson

    very cool. You can give an unwanted horse a big advantage with this, I would think. Of course I am remembering a favorite book, where the hero trained the old, blind horse tricks to give him value and a better life when he could no longer keep him.

    1. Neversummer Post author

      Keep HER you mean. I loved that book, one of those rare ones where the horses were very well written. It could have been an instruction book for training, think about it often. I could tell you the whole plot but can\’t for the life of me remember who the author was so I can find it.

  2. TElllingson

    I can help you there. Have a different book by her so went and looked. It is Laura Kinsale. I may have the spelling wrong. The book I have is called \’Flowers In The Storm\’. Good books, wish they weren\’t quite so spicey.

    1. Neversummer Post author

      Of course! I love all her books. I’m pretty sure I have that one, and almost everything else by her, up in the library. Going to have to get it out.
      With the author I was able to look it up, Prince of Midnight

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