Some girls, I am told, like jewelry and things like that. I think I got the greatest present the other day, not the fanny pack though that was great too, I got a tarp! You know one of those big plasticy things that go over, things.

I took it out to play with with Rusty the other day. Our first try:




By the second day he had settled down though



One thought on “Playthings

  1. TElllingson

    I have enjoyed the last few posts. As far as \’To do or not to do\’, why should every one need to learn in the same way? Isn\’t that what so many feel is wrong with public schools? Teach him how ever you feel he will learn best. It is easy to see from the next posts that you are doing a great job. Hard to believe that is the same crazy gelding that needed a special foster. Or I guess it shows what a special foster can accomplish. Think he is getting prettier all the time! Also, you mentioned a next time. I sure hope so!!

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