Hot Weather

It’s hot out. Not to whine or anything. But I did it, I got out and worked him.

We did some easy ground work and he was sweating. I was too of course. I had about half an hour and wanted to squeeze everything in. It was too much of course. We were discombobulated and scattered everywhere. I need to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time, I have a hard time with that when I am only able to work with him once in awhile. Need to remember, make haste slowly and quality over quantity.

That being said, just because I start out with one goal in mind I don’t see any reason not to change goals mid stride if an unexpected opportunity arises. Like if we are chasing cows and a big scary tank suddenly pops up in our path.

We are accomplishing, or have accomplished, goals I set this spring. I thought it would be fun to have a horse who ran up and stuck his head in the bridle. He mostly has that down. So hard to take the bit when it would be much more fun to chew on the chin strap. I would like to use a leather bit, especially since he likes it so much, but mostly because I really really want an Indian bridle. have heard them referred to as war bridles but have also seen that meaning a rope twisted around the head to make a bridle/halter. Those are harsh and nasty. I just want the leather looped around the bottom jaw that is the bit and bridle all rolled into one.

Until then here is our bridling. He walks up and sticks his head in, needs some refinement. But he also hasn’t had a bridle on for a good month.


I believe I may have mentioned once or twice that I really want to get on this horse! While some things, like maybe saddling, would definitely help me work towards that goal, they are simply too much work and too time consuming, especially for the quick little work out we did today. So we find other things to amuse us.


With riding as the eventual goal it only seems right that we spend some time, riding.

One thought on “Hot Weather

  1. TElllingson

    good job! Rusty looks very nice, a very beautiful boy. You have come a long way together. I would think if anyone saw this, he would be adopted out immediately.

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