It’s Been Forever

Spring came and with it all the spring works. Corn needed planted, calves worked, cattle shipped to pasture and the garden put in. Rusty got put on the back burner. He got worked a couple of times, along with Coyote. But writing about it was simply too time consuming. So I will try to catch up a little.

I’ve led him to and from his pen to let him graze in the yard. We work on him coming when called and try to throw in a few feet picking upings.

Tanna came over one time and rode Coyote. They worked on leg yields, riding with leg cues and cutting. I got to play cow she figured out how to get Coyote to work a cow properly with only legs and seat. We had fun. Once I was wore out I grabbed Rusty and we went for a walk. She rode most of the way without reins and we played leap frog. One horse waits while the other passes then stands while the other passes. Sounds easy but is a little more difficult than that and is a great game for green horses.

Of course when I tried to get a video Rusty tried to run me over then stepped on my foot.


Rusty got to go to the vet. He had his teeth checked got his shots and a general looking over. He may never be welcome back, he tried to dig a well while we were waiting. But his teeth looked good and one of the baby caps fell off in the process.


I was watching a video today of a lady playing catch with her horse and started to wonder what in the world I was doing watching a video instead of doing. So I grabbed Rusty and we played.

I wanted to check on a calf anyway so we walked out through the pen. I had planned to work on fetching and targeting. Instead we worked on, targeting still I guess, but with a big scary tank instead of a ball, and rudimentary cattle chasing.



Then when we got back to the house we did have a quick once over on fetching. I can’t wait to get on this horse. I need to get back in the habit of getting out and working him. The house doesn’t really need to be cleaned and lawn mowing is bad for the environment anyway.

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