Ridin’ Fence

Rusty got put to a different type of work today. He’s been complaining about baby calves. They move too slow. He really could get there faster if we just left them behind.

Strangely enough, he complained about this job too. You might almost think he doesn’t want to do anything but tricks.

I needed to check some fence. It would be faster and easier to take a 4wheeler. But, Rusty is under vet’s orders to get exercise. So I saddled him up, threw fence pliers and some staples in a saddle bag, and off we went. It was a beautiful day. The wind wasn’t blowing too bad yet. It was too hot or too cold. Just nice. The fence was in mostly good shape, just had to get off to put a few staples in. There were a few places where the wire was twisted. If he would just stand still next to it I could untwist it without getting off.

If he would just stand still next to it.

He wouldn’t. That was really too much to ask. He pawed, he pranced, he circled, anything but holding still. So we practiced standing still. He needs so much more of this.

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