Learning To Lead

20160612_155823Took Rusty for his first walk behind the fourwheeler yesterday. My old boy Coyote thinks he is a fourwheeler and will get upset about his “herd” leaving if they take off without him. Not being scared of fourwheelers is a great asset in our mixed herd. I would hate to get dumped because one came up behind us, better to get them very used to them from the beginning.

He was grazing the yard and I had an offer of a ride to put him away instead of walking all the way across the yard to get him. It’s a long walk 😉

He never hesitated. I clicked him and gave treats most of the way and he was happy to follow. The video was hard to get, he was, as usual, right on top of us and by the time I got the camera out we were to the gate. But there is a fourwheeler involved you can hear it if not see it.

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