Are We Really Going To Do It This Time?

20160622_083901I sure hope so. Tanna has come out a couple of times this week and ridden and helped me work Rusty. Yesterday was a bit of a rushed lesson for everybody but today I actually got a saddle on Rusty! It’s very exciting and rather rare. He did great, couldn’t care less. We went over giving to pressure, leg and bit, sacked him out a little, played some fetch and sat on him.

I climbed on off of the gate like usual then as a rehearsal for next time Tanna lead him forward a few steps. We clicked him, gave him a treat and repeated. Then unfortunately we were at the end of the gate.

He feels ready. Has felt ready for a while now. Except for the last time I was going to get on and he went a little insane. But maybe tomorrow he will stay sane and still feel ready. Maybe we will really do it, finally. Wish us luck!

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